Month: July 2018

Where Justice is Concerned

The great African-American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. was once recorded as having said that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Unfortunately, we have to accept that injustice is a natural part of the world that we inhabit, given the social structures and attitudes that have been fostered by cultures, religions,

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Our Actions Behind the Technology

Children are glued to these smart TVs, and teens to their phones, the adults using computers to get work done. Thus, their forebears are often left to struggle with figuring out this “new-fangled technology,” many of whom give up and decide that it is all useless, longing for the days of yore before technology had

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How People Listen to Perspectives

As humans, we tend to settle into certain opinions without challenging it through the consideration of the implications of said opinions, or the arguments of other viewpoints on the matter. After all, it is far from difficult to form an opinion on a matter, being that it is usually simply a gut feeling or reaction

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