Month: July 2016

The Child Within

Imagine diving into an epitome of colourful creativity, dwelling in the refreshing sensation of liberty which fills your body with a hope that many people abandon in this world of monotony and reaching out your arms to swim further into the bejewelled depths; you lose yourself in what could have been, only to find that

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Kant would be appalled

Let me begin by saying that schools and universities – and more specifically, the teachers within these institutions – have the potential to mould and shape the students that they will encounter over the course of their teaching careers. With that being said, I think that when it comes to social behaviour, it is ultimately

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Turning visions into reality: Overcoming the intertia to act

Henry Ford, the founder of the popular Ford Motor Company, is indubitably one of the greatest industrialists in American history. His quote, “vision without execution is just hallucination”, which shows how much he did not only value a great vision, but the implementation of that vision as well, is the focus of this essay write-up. From Henry Ford’s quote, we can pinpoint three important

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