Month: August 2014

All the world may be a stage, but we are not just merely players

William Shakespeare knew that ‘one man in his time plays many parts’ and Nelson Mandela’s life certainly attested to that, although he is mostly remembered for the wonderful influence he had on our world. One of Mandela’s most influential effects he had on the world’s population was his ability to motivate and inspire others. Mandela’s

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The Power of the Human Voice

It takes the human voice to infuse words with shades of deeper meaning. The role of the human voice in giving deeper meaning to words is crucial when one looks at the significance of denotative and connotative meanings of expressions. For example, one person can utter the following words: l am thirsty. The surface or

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Save The Planet!

Turn off lights. Own one phone instead of three. Throw your rubbish in a recycling bin and not a normal one. Come on, people-if we all made the slightest bit of effort, our planet would survive for centuries more into the future, whereas the way we’re going, the world as we know it will be

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