Month: November 2015

The black blackboard?

The blackboard makes me think of: school. French and Maths! Homework! Writing. A huge whiteboard. The happiness of seeing my teacher. The pleasure of working. The pleasure of writing. Having fun! Doing exercises. Doing geometry. Doing grammar. Doing history. Doing English. Reading. Working with a world map. What is a blackboard? It’s magnetic. It’s white

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Children don’t know best!

Reality isn’t composed of straight lines. When I was younger, with child-like reasoning, I attempted to draw my entire city on a piece of paper. It was for my scrapbook; I stopped halfway. I couldn’t capture the different barks of the park, the iron railings circling our house, the shop that sold sandwiches and all

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Remodelling the modern education system: the need for creativity

“Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not”- Robert Francis Kennedy.Robert Francis Kennedy, popularly called RFK, was a great man, a down-to-earth American politician, an unbiased Attorney General and a major supporter of the civil right movement before his painful and shocking assassination

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