Education in Belarus


  1. General information about Belarus
  2. General information and key indicators relevant to education
  3. The educational system
  4. Education in action

Accurate as of March 2013; unless indicated otherwise, the websites are all in English. Acknowledgement: Elena Kumashova.


General information

Belarus is an Eastern European country, bordered by Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. For a brief introduction about Belarus, you can check the country’s official website [also in Russian and Belarusian]. It contains key facts and various information, ranging from geography to architecture and cuisine.

General information and key indicators relevant to education

Basic information and key facts about education in Belarus, as of 2010,  is provided by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

For more detailed information, including the budget education expenditures, number of students in kindergartens, schools and universities, this is provided by the Belarusian Ministry of Education [Russian – as of 2012].

You can consult the UNESCO Report on Education for key indicators on education in Belarus,  including the review of the legislative framework, administration and management of the educational system, structure and organization of the education system, the educational process and  teaching staff. Information is good as of 2011.

The educational system

Click here for a general overview of the educational system in Belarus.

For those wishing to have more details, the Belarusian Ministry of Education [Russian] provides information on the structure of the education system in Belarus, along with the number of schools, kindergartens, universities and students. If you want to know more about higher education in Belarus, check here [English].

If you wish to consult the list of state universities in Belarus, check here [Russian] and, for a list of the private universities, check here [Russian].

Education in action

An important part of education in Belarus is extra-curriculum activities, mostly designed for school students. The information about one of the largest extra-curriculum educational institutions in Belarus can be consulted here [Russian].

There are a few NGOs active in education in Belarus. One of them is the International Debate Education Association. The list of participating debating clubs in Belarus can be found here.

If you want to know about international exchange programs with Belarusian students check here.