Education in Greece


  1. Key indicators relevant to education
  2. The educational system
  3. Education in action

Accurate as of March 2013; unless indicated otherwise, the websites are all in English. Acknowledgement: Marianna Stratigos Papadokotsolis. 


Situated in south eastern Europe, in the mediterranean region, Greece, whose capital city is Athens, has approximately 11 million in population. The country is a parliamentary republic, whose religion is Christian Greek Orthodox.

Key indicators relevant to education

Key indicators relevant to education in Greece are as follows:

  • The population aged 0-24 years represent 25% of the population
  • The literacy rate is considered to be 97%
  • Youth literacy rate (15-24 years): 99% (see more detail @ UNICEF)
  • Youth unemployment (15-24 years): 26%

Source: CIA World Factbook (2009).

The educational system

To find out about the Greek educational system, we suggest you look at the following:

  • Primary Education matters and establishments, categorised by region can be accessed @ Archive Minedu (in Greek and English)
  • Ministry of Education, Religion, Culture and Sports listing a lot of useful information including amongst other things: scholarships, list of contacts for primary and secondary education, list of private schools (nursery, primary and secondary education), high school examinations @ Minedu (in Greek)
  • A List of all universities and technical schools (tertiary education), including foreign exchange programs, various links to organisations with an educational interest in Greece @ e-yliko (in Greek)
  • European Youth Portal, with a specific focus on the Greek educational system, including linkes to all universities, the Open University, the National Youth Foundation @ Europa Youth Portal (in English and Greek)
  • Greek Teaching Association @ Doe (in Greek)

For statistics on primary, secondary and tertiary education, as well as education for children with special needs visit @ Statistics (in Greek and English).

Education in action

StudySmart (in Greek) is an education thinktank in Greece, giving information on the educational system in Greece, masters, top universities, professional qualifications etc.

General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning (in Greek and English).