Education in Mozambique


  1. General information and key indicators relevant to education
  2. The educational system
  3. Education in action

Accurate as of March 2013; unless indicated otherwise, the websites are all in English. Acknowledgement: Maeva Sokataly.          


General information and key indicators relevant to education

Mozambique in a nutshell     

  • Its capital is Maputo – another major city: Matola
  • A Portuguese-speaking country
  • Can be divided into 11 provinces

Statistics relating to education: see the data compiled by the UNESCO (as of 2010) and by UNICEF (up untill 2010).

The educational system : from primary school to university and continuing learning

Information on the educational system, from an historical point of view can be found @ Wikipedia

The most renowned public schools, universities and other educational institutions in Maputo are the following:

A list of universities all over Mozambique can be found @ Wikipedia.

Education in action  

A list of foreign NGOs actively operating in Mozambique can be found @ UNICEF. Of particular note:

Finally, other cool projects are under process for 2012…and beyond! Major field of intervention of the organisations are the following:

You can find the official database listing some of the ongoing projects in Mozambique (by activity/by donor) @ Odamoz.