Education in Russia


  1. General information and key indicators relevant to education
  2. The educational system
  3. Education in action

Accurate as of March 2013; unless indicated otherwise, the websites are all in English. Acknowledgement: Inga Chubanova.


General information and key indicators relevant to education

In the Russian Federation, there are 180,000 educational institutions of all types and categories. About 35 million people or 23% of the total population in the country are annually involved in one type of education or another. More than 6 million people are employed in the sphere of education.

For information about educational programmes, including the list of educational institutions for the preparatory training of foreigns students at all levels of higher professional education in Russia, see

The educational system  

The most famous public universities of the Russian Federation are as follows:

Finally you can find the Unesco’s Statistics on Education for the Russian Federation @ UNESCO

Education in action 

General Information on Unicef’s inclusive Education intiatives in Russia can be found @ UNICEF. The School Kovcheg provides programs for children with limited capacities, more information @ UNICEF.

You will find below more information on grants and scholarships:

  • Foundation for support of Education and Science – Alferov’s Foundation: the Foundation was established on February 23, 2001 by Nobel Prize laureate Zh.I.Alferov in order to unite intellectual, financial and organizational efforts of both Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals in unanimous zeal for development of Russian science and education. The Foundation awards grants and scholarships to the most talented pupils, students and young scientists.
  • Rosneft (in English; in Russian): the company provides comprehensive support to schools, professional colleges and universities in all key host regions.
  • Bank VTB: the Bank is famous for its grants to the most talented students of the economic faculties of the Moscow State Universities and of St Petersburg.

Projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (in Russian): more information on support to the most famous Universities can be found @ Support and @ Education. Support to the students of high professional education is available @ Support.