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Mistakes are opportunities to learn

A mistake is an action by us, that gets either other people or us into some sort of trouble. Mistakes can be careless or accidental, gigantic like losing one’s life savings in an investment or tiny like spilling juice over a school essay. One thing is for certain though: mistakes are always opportunities for learning,

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Babel Fish

The Babel Fish was created in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, long before Google Translate or Yahoo’s version that was named after the Babel Fish, or any of the other free translators you can find online. Google Translate and Babelfish are not always reliable, because there’s slang and there’s names and there’s lots of

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How can technology help to make education more accessible to all?

Introduction I am going to write about technology making education more accessible to all. First of all, I am going to write about what technology is in today’s world, and then I am going to write a definition of education. I am also going to write about the advantages of technology making education more accessible

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